ART in TaRA: 100 day watercolor Challenge

Ok, so maybe it was more like 60 day challenge for me. I have to admit I did not complete all 100 days. However, I enjoyed the days that I did sit down and paint and made time for creating. I gave myself about 30-45 minutes in the morning to do the watercolor paintings. Most days I messed around with colors and washes trying to envision it on beautiful wedding stationery. Other times I found inspiration around me and painted away. A few times I had no ideas and that was ok too! Focusing in on something and getting into a routine is something I really like. The more routine my day is the more I get done. Makes sense, right?! 

Right, but wrong. As an artist and bit of a free spirit I get sick of routine quickly. However, I know that in order to master watercolor or anything for that matter, you have to continue to practice. When I was in high school and college, I was drawing and painting daily. Now I am lucky to even paint once a month. It is something I really want to focus on and make the time for. Implement a routine for creating each and every day!!  This challenge allowed me to get back into something I love so much. 

What I learned from this challenge: 1. 100 days is too long :)  2. I love creating.  3. Challenging yourself is always a good idea  4. I enjoy a morning routine-to some extent. 

Here are some of the pieces I did during the 100 day watercolor challenge.